Service Positions

Trusted Servants

"And it has generally been found that giving members service positions soley to help them stay sober does not work; instead, the group's welfare is of primary concern in choosing officers."   General Service Manual

Chairperson 2022- Lesa N.

1 year

Chair all business meetings.

Pick assistant chair


Select a speaker chair for each of the months of her/his term. Speaker chair will select speaker, select meeting chair and greeters. All weekly chairs must have six months of sobriety in AA.


Manage speaker and chairperson portion of group calendar.


Manage church door keys.

Assistant Chairperson 2022- Harvey H.

1 year


Secretary 2022 Secretary Mo B.

1 year

Record minutes of each business meeting.


Responsible for all aspects of SML communication, including weekly announcements, email blasts, management of the membership list.


Keep GSO listing up to date.


Keep the meeting instructions up to date.



Treasurer 2022 Michael B.

2 years

Manage all aspects of the groups Seventh Tradition monies, including collecting, banking, paying rent, supplies reimbursements, DIA invoices, and all contributions to the AA service entities.


Periodically update the group on its financial status, alerting the group when prudent reserve is not met or is in excess.



Assistant Treasurer- Travis S.

2 years

Same as Treasure, with an over lapping term.  Will rotate into the treasure position after 1 year as assistant.



Zoom Chair- Patrick W.


Literature Chair- Tim B.


6 months

Manage all aspects of the groups literature selection


Purchase literature and medallions 



Monthly Speaker Chair (non-elected position)

Responsible for selecting speakers for each Sunday of their month, for selecting a chairperson for each meeting, and for selecting greeters for each meeting.



Cake Lady- Derrell H.

6 months

Provide cake and cookies for the meetings.


Manage birthday portion of calendar.


Prepare chip envelopes.



Set Up/Coffee Chair & Co-Chair- Claire/Dorsey.

3 months

Manage and delegate all elements of the meeting set-up


Prepare coffee.


Purchase and stock all coffee and clean-up supplies.



Intergroup Rep/Grapevine Rep- Paul H.

1 year

Represent the group at the monthly DIA meetings and report monthly to the group


Manage Grapevine supplies and make announcements about the Grapevine to the group


Purchase Grapevines for the group..


Interact with the Grapevine.



Steering Committee

1 year

Comprised of current and  immediate past chairperson, secretary, and treasurer of the group.


Offer guidance for questions related to group practices.


Schedule business meetings and trusted servant elections.


Coordinate Anniversary Celebration!

Draft Picks for 2023: Chris F., Cara, John L., Kathy C., Meghan McC